WWE the Twitter Party Poopers

There's a reason they call him Cranky Vince.
If you're part of the wrestling community on Twitter, you'll probably have been following @WWE_Creative and @CrankyVince. If you weren't, you're too late because WWE had them pulled from Twitter. Why? Because clearly, WWE feel the need to obsessively party poop.

I really don't know why WWE has such a problem with it. The accounts admitted that they were parodies and didn't pretend to be anything but. The people behind them were just trying to have a little fun, and honestly, some of the material they spun out was hilarious. WWE doesn't like fun.

It's obviously not the end of the world, they're just Twitter accounts. WWE had their reasons for pulling these accounts. Whatever. It's just a shame WWE have to be such party poopers and can't seem to be joked about without going all, “stop having fun at our expense!” I get it when it's people trying to pass themselves off as their employees, but in this scenario, it just seems a tad ridiculous.

UPDATE - 20:48pm GMT:
@WWE_Creative just resurfaced.